Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the drop off, pick up times for the vans?

A. You can pick up the Vans from our base in Wormit from 3 pm, drop off is between 09:30 and 11:00 am.

Q. What do we need to pack for our camper trip?

A. Our vans have all cooking equipment, plates, pots, pans etc so all you need is your personal clothes etc. We recommend you pack as light as possible and only bring soft bags to make the use of space.

Q. Do the vans have a fridge?

A. Both vans have a fridge with small freezer compartment, they work off Battery, Gas and electric hook up.

Q. How old do i need to be to hire a van?

A. You can hire our van's from 21 years old and you have held a licence for 3 years. The Autotrail can be driven on standard car licence and the Rapido you need the C1 entitlement or have passed you test before January 1st 1997.

Q. Do we need to stay on campsites? 

A. Both vans have leisure battery's and are suitable for wild camping. Always remember to respect local areas when deciding where to overnight and never leave rubbish. Waste water and toilets need to be emptied on campsites.

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